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Technical Advisory Panel
The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) assists the Governing Board and Director in engineering, scientific and technological matters related to ITER, the Broader Approach and preparations for demonstration fusion reactors (DEMO).

The TAP  assists the Governing Board and Director in particular by:

  • Preparing opinions and recommendations on the objectives and content of project plans, work programmes and their possible revisions;
  • Monitoring the technical implementation of the project plans and work programmes and providing reports to the Governing Board at appropriate intervals;
  • Promoting coherence with the activities of the Associations, in particular within the frame of the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA);
  • Providing advice or recommendations on specific engineering, scientific and technological issues upon request of the Director or the Governing Board;
  • Performing any other functions as may be delegated to the Scientific Programme Board by the Governing Board.

Chair & Vice-Chair

On 10 th December 2019, the Governing Board appointed Dr. Radomir Panek as Chair of the TAP and Ms. Elena Gaio as Vice-Chair for a term of two years from 1 January 2020.

Dr. Radomir Panek
Vice Chair
Dr Elena Gaio
Consorzio RFX


The TAP is composed of 14 members appointed by the Gb from among persons of recognised standing and professional experience in engineering, scientific and technical matters relevant to ITER, the Broader Approach and DEMO. Each member is appointed for a term of two years renewable.

The following General Declarations of Interest are prepared in accordance with the Governing Board’s decision of 09 June 2015 concerning Confidentiality, Independence, Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest and subject to this Specific Privacy Notice.

Dr Jozef Ongena

Laboratory for Plasma Physics, Royal Military Academy

CV   |   GDI

Guy Roussel

Nuclear power plants

CV   |   GDI

Dr Jérôme Bucalossi

CEA, Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

CV   |   GDI

Dr Lena Delpech


CV   |   GDI

Dr Christian Day

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

CV   |   GDI

Hans Stephen Bosch

Neutronics, construction and commissionning of W7X (IPP)

CV   |   GDI

Silvano Tosti

Fuel cycle, tritium technologies (ENEA)

CV   |   GDI

Tonio Pinna

Safety and RAMI (ENEA)

CV   |   GDI

Dr Marek Scholz

Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Science

CV   |   GDI

Dr Macarena Liniers


CV   |   GDI

Dr Pierluigi Bruzzone


CV   |   GDI

Dr Elizabeth Surrey

CCFE, Culham Science Centre

CV   |   GDI